Prepare Your AC System For Summer!

It’s time to break out the grill and uncover the pool, warm weather is finally here! While Spring is the perfect time for block parties and lemonade stands, it’s important that you and your family have a cool place to escape to when temperatures begin to skyrocket. If you don’t get Spring Maintenance for your AC, it may not be able to keep your family comfortable during those 90-degree days. Additionally, if you haven’t had your unit checked in a while, it may not be delivering cold air efficiently, which could cost you more on your next energy bill! Make sure your system is operating smoothly and efficiently with these 4 Spring Maintenance tasks.

Trim Back Those Bushes

If you live in an area with heavy foliage, the leaves, dirt and branches around your system could become stuck in it, leading to an expensive repair or worse, a full replacement. Even if these particles don’t render your system useless, stubborn grass clippings or sticks may impede your unit’s efficiency by obstructing air flow. This means your system will have to work twice as hard to deliver the desired level of comfort! Check periodically for any plant matter that may have fallen in or around your system, and trim any shrubs so that they are no closer than 2 feet from your AC unit.

Change Filters

Neglecting to change your air filters means that dirt and excess debris can build up in your system and keep air from freely moving through your home. This leads to your AC unit having to work extremely hard to circulate enough cool air to achieve your desired temperature, not only raising your energy bill, but also causing unnecessary wear and tear on your system. Replace your AC filter every 3 months to keep the circulation of air unobstructed throughout your home.

AC Maintenance

Though changing your filters and cleaning the fins of your system are simple DIY tasks, some maintenance operations are best carried out by a licensed professional. Checking your compressor coils, drains and refrigerant levels are tasks that you may not be too familiar with, but ones that are standard on your technician’s checklist. Calling a professional to inspect your system seasonally not only ensures your unit is in optimal conditional, but could also save you money down the road with minor issues such as small leaks and broken seals.

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