Do You Know What Smart Technology Can Do For You? 

As you’re driving to work, mulling over your daily tasks, or contemplating what’s for dinner, you realize you forgot to adjust the thermostat before leaving! While it may not seem like a big deal, if no one is at home during the day, it means you’re paying for a lot of unused conditioned air. This not only wastes energy but also adds significantly to your monthly power bill.

A programmable thermostat from Hyde’s AC allows you to control the temperature in your home no matter where you are! 

Some of the Top Benefits Include:

Savings You’ll Notice 

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to saving energy and money with your thermostat! Programmable units allow you to adjust the temperature in your home to an energy-efficient level while you’re away from home. This saves money on energy usage without sacrificing your desired level of comfort while at home.

Easily Adapts To Your Schedule

It can be almost impossible to remember to adjust your thermostat every time you exit and enter the house and it can be even more difficult to remind other members of your household to do the same! Thanks to smart technology, programmable thermostats allow you to create a routine cycle based on your household’s schedule. This way, your unit will know to adjust itself while everyone is away at work or school and switch back in time to provide adequate cooling before anyone arrives home. This eliminates inconsistent cooling and prevents you from wasting conditioned air when no one is home to enjoy it! 

Convenient, Remote Access

When it comes time for you to take that long-awaited vacation, your only concern may be getting to the airport on time. However, once you’ve settled into your seat and your baggage is safely stored, you may begin to wonder if there was anything you forgot to do before rushing out the door. For many, adjusting the thermostat is a task that easily falls through the cracks. Instead of spending the duration of your flight wondering how much money you’ll be wasting on unused air conditioning while you’re away, simply adjust your system using your smart device! 

Track Your Energy Use 

A smart thermostat not only helps you save energy in the moment by allowing you to adjust the temperature in your home remotely, but it can also track your energy consumption over time. After viewing your personal energy-usage pattern, you can customize your cooling preferences accordingly to save energy and further lower your monthly bill! 

If you are considering a smart thermostat for your home, give the friendly air conditioning professionals at Hyde’s a call at (760) 360-2202 or contact us online. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!