4 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC System For A Home Renovation

Whether you’ve been wanting to redo your bathroom or install new cabinets in your kitchen, the New Year provides a perfect opportunity to add something fresh and new to your home! Unfortunately, some more involved projects could wreak havoc on your HVAC system, and you certainly don’t want to start 2020 off with an unnecessary, hefty repair bill. Check out these four tips on how to protect your home comfort system from remodeling debris. 

Change Your Air Filters Before & After 

During a home renovation, it’s easy for dust and other particles to disperse and circulate with the air your family breathes. Changing your filters before any renovations begin allows your system to capture the maximum amount of debris. You should also change your filters directly after the project is completed to get the captured renovation dust and airborne waste out of your house. Obstructed filters not only lower your indoor air quality but also force your HVAC system to work harder than it usually does to deliver the desired level of comfort. 

Remove Curtains

Curtain fabric can easily capture dust and release it back into the air later. Take your drapes, tapestries and curtains down before renovations begin to keep debris from clinging to them. Additionally, if you have carpeted floors, it is a good idea to deep-clean them after the project is complete, as rugs can easily collect dirt and dust.  

Avoid Running Your System

To keep irritants from entering and damaging your system, try not to run your unit while the renovation is in progress. You may also want to close any vents and other avenues dust can enter your system through. If airborne particles find a way into your HVAC system, they can easily decrease its efficiency and lifespan. 

Schedule Maintenance

Even if you do everything right, sawdust and debris can still make their way into your system and render it inefficient. It may be time for a maintenance checkup if you notice: 

  • Unusually high energy bills.
  • Extremely filthy air filters.
  • Excess dust throughout your home.
  • Frequent temperature fluctuations throughout your home.

With our family comfort maintenance plan, you will receive semi-annual tune-ups, discounted repairs, a two-year warranty on all repair work and more! 

If you’d like to learn more about how to keep your HVAC system safe during your next home renovation, call Hyde’s AC & Heating at (760) 360-2202. Our licensed professionals are happy to answer any questions you have!