3 Reasons To Get An HVAC Tune-Up Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you’ve probably got a million things on your mind. Getting gifts for your friends, family, office Secret Santa; hiding presents from your children; planning holiday parties; there’s an endless list of things to worry about.

However, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your HVAC system. That’s why you should make certain you’ve had your seasonal HVAC maintenance visit before your holiday guests start arriving. Read on to see why an HVAC tune-up is the greatest gift of all for your home comfort this holiday season.

Because “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Temperatures are dipping into the 40s and your heating system is getting a workout keeping your home comfortable. If your heat fails while you’re hosting out-of-town family and friends, your guests will be uncomfortable and unhappy. Rather than risk a heating a breakdown that ruins your comfort and joy, make sure your HVAC system is up to the task of warming your home with a tune-up.

To Have A “Green Christmas”

Did you know your HVAC system can lose as much as 15% of its efficiency each year? The holiday season is already one of the most expensive times of year from an energy usage standpoint; why make it worse with an inefficient HVAC unit? Guarantee that running your heat won’t cost an arm and a leg this holiday season by scheduling your HVAC maintenance visit today.

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” Until Someone Gets Sick

With guests coming over for parties and overnight visits, you want to be sure you’ve done everything you can to ensure no one gets sick. Regular tune-ups help keep your HVAC system clean and clear of dust, allergens, mold, bacteria and other nasty things that can leave you feeling under the weather. Since nobody wants to be hacking and sniffling their way through the holiday season, make sure your filters are clean and your HVAC maintenance has been done.

All We Want For Christmas Is Your Comfort!

Let Hyde’s help you finish your holiday checklist by providing the best home comfort solutions in the Coachella Valley. Contact us schedule your seasonal maintenance visit today! (760) 360-2202.