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HVAC Maintenance

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Hydes Family Comfort Club Plan - Indio’s Best AC Tune-Up Service Plan

We live in an area that really gives your air conditioning systems a workout. Hydes offers one complete maintenance plan to keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak efficiency with fewer breakdowns or costly repairs.

Hydes Family Comfort Plan not only offers our family comfort members exclusive HVAC service benefits, it also restores your equipment to peak condition! Our plan includes regular expert tune-ups for your cooling and heating systems near Indio, CA.

Great Value | Richard from Bermuda Dunes, CA

"I'm not a big fan of monthly subscriptions but Greg managed to convince me to sign up for Hydes Family Comfort Plan (it covers two visits for AC and furnace in a year, with filter changes). It has been less than a year and I have absolutely no regrets about signing up for it! It was money well spent to bring in Hydes and someone as knowledgeable as Greg on board. He's spotted several issues while here and takes the time to explain them in great detail and fix it. I can tell he takes pride in his work. A true professional. In fact, all the staff I worked with at Hydes have been great and very proactive.

Thank you."

What’s Included in the Hydes Family Comfort Plan?

Hydes will ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is operating at its fullest potential for your investment and that your entire system is working in harmony to deliver the most comfort for your hard-earned dollars. Membership includes:

  • Bi-Yearly Service Two multi-point tune-ups per year and priority service 365 days a year.
  • Priority Response If your cooling system breaks down, we will respond within four hours.
  • Discounted Repairs All repairs are charged at a discounted rate of 15% off including diagnostic fee.
  • Warranty on Repairs Two-year warranty on ALL repair work.
  • Easy Scheduling Maintenance scheduling made easy with online scheduling, plus email, text, and postcard notifications.
  • Earn Rewards Earn $100 in Hydes Reward Credits for each consecutive year you continue the program up to $1000.
  • Clean or Replace Air Filters We'll take care of this often-forgotten chore that is so essential to the performance of your system.
  • First and Last Service Calls The first and last service calls of the day are reserved for members of the Comfort Plan.
  • Price Guarantee!

What Summer Maintenance Includes

  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Check pressures and temperatures to make sure that the system is operating at its peak efficiency.
  • Check motors, start and run capacitors to help prevent future failure of your unit.
  • Clear condensate lines to prevent flooding.
  • And more!

What Winter Maintenance Includes

  • Carbon monoxide safety check.
  • Test ignition system and monitor burners, pilot assembly, gas pressure and flue pipe to help prevent future breakdowns.
  • Test safety controls, verify proper combustion and measure for proper temperatures.
  • And more!

HVAC Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a service agreement?

For peace of mind. If you have a problem with your cooling system, we guarantee to respond within four hours to fix it. We only give this kind of around-the-clock, priority service to Hydes Family Comfort Plan members—and that includes nights, weekends and holidays. Plus, our Hydes Family Comfort Plan gives you annual tune-ups for your central air conditioning and heating systems.

Why are tune-ups important?

Annual maintenance for central air and heating systems can save you up to 10% on your energy bills and prevent breakdowns. Some people think they don’t need to tune up their heating system because they don’t use it that much. This is not true! Not only is your heating system “on” more than you realize, but it also works together with your central air system to cool your home. Also, tuning up your heating system allows us to check for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

Is it worth the cost?

Yes! It’s a great bargain. The cost of your Hydes Family Comfort Plan is actually cheaper than if you purchased separate tune-ups for your heating and cooling equipment and your monthly rate is guaranteed for life! In addition, for all covered repairs we deduct 15% and for each year you are part of our Hydes Family Comfort Plan Family, you’ll earn $100 towards a new system! For as little as $15 per month, you’ll keep your system running at peak efficiency for less than the cost of a single movie ticket.

What are Hydes Reward Credits?

Each year that you are enrolled in the Hydes Family Comfort Plan you earn $100 in Reward Credits you can use toward the purchase of a new system to replace your current heating and central air system. You can earn up to $1,000 in Hydes Reward Credits with continuous enrollment in our Hydes Family Comfort Plan. It’s our way of rewarding you for your loyalty!

I have two cooling systems in my home. Will Hydes Family Comfort Plan cover both systems?

Yes. About half of our customers have two cooling systems, so we’ve designed our coverage to include multiple systems if needed, as well as “packaged” rooftop units. If you have a special situation, call us and we’ll work with you to design coverage that fits you and keeps you protected.

Does Hydes cover ductless systems?

Yes. We currently cover ductless systems for our Hydes Family Comfort Plan members at no additional charge. Please remind your technician at the time of service that you have a ductless system and where it is located.

How does the monthly billing work?

We can set up automatic monthly credit card debits, or we can set up an automatic monthly bank draft from your checking account.

How do I get started?

Call us today at (760) 360-2202 .

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