Don’t let allergy season get the best of you!

We’ve all been there. Puffy eyes, watery nose and a headache that puts most others to shame! In between sneezes, you may find yourself cursing nature for bringing these symptoms with what would otherwise be a lovely Spring season. However, even if you hide away in your home in an attempt to escape the ever-present pollen blanket, you may still be susceptible! Check out these 5 tips on how to keep those pesky particles away from you and your home!

Wash Those Sheets

Though we may not see them, dust mites are most likely living in your home right now! Though they aren’t dangerous, they are a common source of indoor allergies. While they can live most anywhere, they prefer warm, and humid environments like bedsheets. Make sure to wash your bedding once a week in hot water to kill off these tiny terrors.

Poach the Roach

It may be an unsavory fact, but cockroach saliva can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. To keep roaches out and away from your home, be sure to seal any cracks and window openings, and make sure all of the garbage cans in your kitchen have lids. This way any roaches that could make their way into your garbage are removed before they have a chance to multiply.

Don’t Let Mildew Get to You

Mildew and mold can trigger mild to severe allergic reactions, especially if the individual has asthma. Some of these symptoms can include an itchy throat, headaches, sneezing and coughing. To blast the mold away, apply a mixture of water, detergent and 5% bleach, then dry the area thoroughly to make sure it can’t return. If you have significant buildup, don’t hesitate to call a licensed professional to take care of it.

Close Your Windows

Though it may be tempting to leave your windows open for that lovely Spring breeze, pollen and other allergens can easily pass through the screens and into your home! Consider purchasing curtains that can be machine-washed in order to eliminate any allergens that may have become attached. Blinds are also known to trap dust, so give them a good wipe-down frequently to make sure your home stays sneeze-free!   

Clean Your Floors

If you have hardwood or linoleum in your home, you’re in luck! These surfaces are the easiest to clean, and allergens cannot reside in these materials. With carpet flooring, make sure you vacuum once a week at minimum, and shampoo your carpet frequently to avoid accumulating dust, dirt and pet dander. Additionally; wash your portable rugs and mats, as allergens can easily call them home as well!

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