The Brian Hyde Excellence Award is an honorary award presented to one exceptional Hyde’s employee every year, beginning in December 2017.

Created in recognition of the late Brian Hyde, founder of Hyde’s Air Conditioning, this award exists not only to honor Brian’s legacy but to inspire future Hyde’s employees to embody his mission to “always do the right thing” both in their personal and professional spheres.

Brian Hyde was a leader, innovator, visionary, hard worker, a man of integrity, husband, father, grandpa and small business owner and we hope this award in his honor illustrates our profound appreciation for those who receive it.

The Hyde’s employee chosen each year will undoubtedly possess a number of the same qualities as our beloved founder.

Characteristics exemplifying:

  • Customer Service – “Going the extra mile”
  • Innovation – “Thinking out of the box”
  • Integrity – “Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”
  • Visionary – “Being able to have forward thinking now for the future”
  • Quality of Work – “Work that is consistently done well”
  • Initiative to Learn – “Learn and grow on your own time with a never stop learning mentality”
  • Technical Proficiency – “Excelling in your assigned work/skill”

This award is open to all Hyde’s employees who characterize the traits represented by the Brian Hyde Excellence Award.

Hyde’s management will consider all candidates and make a selection on December 1st of each year. The Hyde Brothers will present the recipient with the award at the annual company Christmas Party and official announcements will be made publicly after we enjoy the holidays with our family and friends.

Brian Hyde Excellence Award Winners

This year’s Brian Hyde Excellence Award was awarded to Casey Harrison, Service Technician, who has been with the company since 2012. The award was presented to Casey by Barry, Michael and Mark Hyde.

Hydes 2020 Award Winner Coachella Valley

Pictured from left to right. Mark Hyde, Mike Hyde, Casey & Barry Hyde.

This year’s Brian Hyde Excellence Award was awarded to Jose Aispuro, Hyde’s Lead Installer, who has been with the company since 1992. The award was presented to Jose by Barry, Michael and Mark Hyde.

Pictured from left to right. Mike Hyde, Barry Hyde, Jose Aispuro, Mark Hyde.

This year the award was presented to Lisa Quintana, Hyde’s Assistant Office Manager & Dispatcher and has been with Hyde’s for over 30 years.

Lisa said, “I am so honored to receive this prestigious award and want to thank Barbara, Michael, Barry & Mark Hyde for choosing me, as there are many of my Hyde’s co-workers that are certainly qualified to receive this honor.”

Caption: Pictured from left to right: Barbara Hyde, Michael Hyde, Lisa Quintana, Barry Hyde & Mark Hyde presenting the 2018 Brian Hyde Excellence Award

This award was presented to Lisa on Friday, December 21, 2018 at the Hyde’s End-Of-Year Business Meeting and Christmas Party! Thank you Lisa for your continued dedication to our company mission and customer base.

The inaugural Brian Hyde Excellence Award was presented to Greg DeFontes, NATE Certified Service Technician, who has been a Hyde’s employee for over 13 years.

This award was created to not only honor and remember Brian’s legacy, as founder of the business but to also inspire future generations of Hyde’s employees to help continue the business and what Brian stood for.

Caption: Pictured from left to right: Michael Hyde, Greg DeFontes, Mark Hyde, Barbara Hyde and Barry Hyde

This award was presented to Greg on Friday, December 22, 2017 at the company’s, “Celebrating 45 Years Christmas Party held at La Quinta Resort.