Celebrating Our Team With Turkeys & Strikes

With over 22 employees in attendance including owners, managers, service techs, installers, office staff and their families, it’s safe to say we had a great turnout at Hydes’ 2nd Annual Company Bowling Event at Fantasy Lanes in Indio, California!

Everyone came together for a fun-filled afternoon of competitive bowling while snacking on pizza and fries, and winners (including winners of the lowest scores) were even awarded prizes!

Mark Hyde, our Controller and brother, who has been with the company for over 30 years, was quoted saying, “it was fun to be outside of the work atmosphere and to have a chance to engage with our employees, to laugh, encourage each other and to play a game that most everyone is on the same playing field.”  

While the event was full of lighthearted fun, some talented bowlers made their way into the spotlight with impressive scores and spectacular strikes! Krissy W. clinched the win for the women’s competition, and Casey H. took home the men’s title. Casey, one of our NATE certified service techs said after his big win: “it was a pleasure and great opportunity to get together in an environment that doesn’t include work and to be able to get to know each other on a different level.”

Take a look at some pictures we captured from the event!


Men’s High Score Game: Casey H./NATE Certified Service Tech/ Score: 232

Women’s High Score Game: Krissy W./Install Coordinator/ Score: 125

Men’s Highest # Of Strikes In 2 Games: Casey H./NATE Certified Service Tech/ 12 Strikes

Women’s Highest # of Strikes in 2 Games: Stephanie R./Wife of Jonathan R./NATE Certified Service Tech/ 4 Strikes

Men’s Lowest Score Game: Juan H./Customer Service Rep./ Score: 78

Women’s Low Score Game: Ireland H./ Daughter of Casey H. Score: 40