Do You Know The Significance of Fire Prevention Month?

While it’s great to always keep fire safety in mind, this month, in particular, is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of preventing dangerous fires from happening altogether.

But, why October? 

The Great Chicago Fire

In October of 1871, Chicago experienced a devastating conflagration that gutted a swath of city about 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. When the last flame was extinguished and the dust and ash had settled, 300 people had lost their lives and over 100,000 were left homeless. 

The blaze began at around 9 PM on October 8th in a small barn where, as legend has it, a cow knocked over a lantern and ignited the straw and sawdust instantly. While the exact cause of the Great Chicago Fire is unknown, many lessons from this tragedy have been passed down over the years.

Each October we remember the Great Chicago Fire by ensuring all of our home appliances are operating correctly. In addition to replacing damaged electrical cords and checking your smoke detectors, you may also want to consider having a conversation with your family about ways to minimize fire hazards in your daily lives. Habits such as leaving pots and pans unmonitored on the stove can easily start a fire, so it is vital to note that both preventative appliance maintenance and behavioral changes are key fire safety practices! 

4 Effective Fire Prevention Methods

  • Test your smoke detectors. We recommend that you test the batteries in your smoke detectors once a month to make sure they are in tip-top shape! 
  • Schedule furnace maintenance. Dust and grime can build up in your furnace filter and catch fire. Changing your air filters, receiving regular maintenance and promptly addressing HVAC repair needs all play a key role in keeping your system safe for use.
  • Replace damaged electrical cords. Frayed wires still emit heat that will not remain contained within the cord if it is damaged. Scheduling an electrical safety inspection is also a good idea to make sure your system is safe and efficient.
  • Monitor your oven and stovetop. Did you know that half of all house fires begin in the kitchen? Always keep an eye on pots and pans—and even crockpots!—while cooking.

If you need to schedule your electrical safety inspection or HVAC maintenance check, or if you have any questions regarding fire safety in your home, call Hyde’s at (760) 360-2202 today! We’ve served Indio and the Coachella Valley since 1972 and we’re happy to help you in any way we can!