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In order to achieve the “perfect” temperature, your house needs to be tightly sealed to stop air from leaking in or out. Unfortunately in doing so you also trap whatever is mixed with the air. You keep cycling dust, pollen and pet dander throughout your home.

  • Install an Air Cleaner/Air Purifier: These systems filter the air coming from your hvac system, thus eliminating many impurities before they can pass into your home. Learn more about air cleaners and air purifiers.
  • Have Your Ducts Sealed: If your ducts have leaks, then not all the air that gets into your home has passed through the filter and air purifier. Also, contaminants from crawl spaces, wall voids or attics will seep into your ducts and mix with your clean air before it reaches your vents. Learn how duct sealing from Hydes can improve your air quality.
  • Use Ultraviolet Light Technology: A UV light system installed in your home’s duct work purifies the air as it passes, killing bacteria, odors and other contaminants. Learn more about Hyde’s ultraviolet lighting systems.
  • Install an Air Exchanger: These units remove the unhealthy air from your home and replace it with cleaner, breathable air. Learn more about air exchangers.

Considering that you spend a generous portion of your time inside your home, you, too could be breathing in unwanted pollutants. So why not do everything in your power to create a healthier and more comfortable environment for yourself and family.

Hydes offers the following four tips to better indoor air quality:

  • Our customers recommend us. Read just some of our happy customers’ testimonials here.
  • Our employees are trustworthy. All of our employees are required to undergo drug tests and background checks.
  • Hyde’s is a N.A.T.E. (North American Testing Excellence) C-3 contractor.100% of Hyde’s service technicians are NATE certified. NATE is the industry standard certification for air conditioning and heating technicians in the United States.
  • Our core value is to do the right thing. Read about our mission statement here.

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