Don’t Limit Your Electrical System With An Outdated Panel 

Usually, the only time we check on our electrical system is if something has gone wrong with it. However, it’s best that you don’t wait for sparks to fly to discover that something has gone awry! 

Your electrical panel has a large part in powering all of your home appliances. If it breaks down, your electrical system may pose safety risks or shut down altogether. Make sure your electrical panel is up to date so you can have peace of mind knowing your system stays reliable and secure for years to come! 

Why You Need A Modern Electrical Panel

Safety Concerns

While they are not guaranteed to cause you problems, older panels can pose a number of safety hazards. Older style fuse boxes are not equipped to handle the power requirements of modern technology and are more likely to blow and put your family at risk. Additionally, wear and tear leaves older units more susceptible to failures that you can sidestep by investing in a new panel. 

If your older home has an old-style fuse box rather than a breaker panel, be sure to upgrade your panel to ensure your breaker shuts down in the event of an emergency, such as electrical overload.

A Reasonable Workload

You and your family will most likely be adding new electronic appliances as time goes on. While it feels great to install new gadgets, your panel can only handle a limited electrical output. Be sure to contact a professional to test your home’s output and electrical panel before installing a powerful new device; this will ensure your system will not become overloaded. 

If your panel is outdated, it may be a good idea to schedule an upgrade so that you can enjoy your electronics and appliances without interruption. 

A few signs that your electrical panel needs to be replaced include: 

  • The breakers were not installed correctly.
  • Loose terminations can damage your bus bars and the breaker. 
  • It’s an older brand like Zinsco or Federal Pacific

If you have any questions regarding your older or damaged electrical panel, call Hyde’s at (760) 360-2202 for a panel evaluation. And remember to schedule regular maintenance checks for your electrical panel so you’ll know right away if your technician deems your system unreliable.