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AC Condenser Fan Motor Failure

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Condenser Fan Breakdown – What to Look For in Coachella Valley

Summer may be coming to a close soon, but it’s still going to be hot for a while longer in Coachella Valley. That means there will be a few more scorchers to challenge the integrity of your AC unit. That’s why it’s a good idea right about now to be alert to anything amiss that could indicate a breakdown. Not all symptoms are as obvious as a complete breakdown.One of your AC components that could be failing or be beginning to fail is the AC condenser fan motor.

This fan motor is found on your outdoor unit. You might be familiar with the compressor, a very important part. Well, this fan is crucial for keeping that compressor from overheating. If it overheats, you could have a more expensive repair on your hands.

Here are a few things to look out for regarding this motor.

AC Condenser Fan Motor | Coachella Valley, CA | Hydes

The Distinct Smell of Burning

An electrical or plastic burning smell is very different than the smell of burning food or wood. If you notice a burning smell around your AC unit, a breakdown is likely to occur. This can include the condenser fan motor.

Air is Blowing But Not Cold

The fan is a very important part of regulating temperature. If your unit seems to be running just fine but won’t cool, the condensor fan motor may be to blame.

Fan Buzzes or Hums

First, check that there isn’t any debris caught in the unit. If it is clear and a buzzing or humming noise is present, something is probably misaligned, which can cause a failure.

Condenser Failure

Sometimes the inevitable happens. Your condenser fan motor may not show any signs at all that anything is malfunctioning. And since your fan is essential to keeping the condenser cool, the condenser may overheat. Then, you have a larger repair on your hands. Since the condenser is made up of several parts, it can have a lot of signs leading up to its failure.

To learn more about what to look out for, check out our previous post on air conditioner repair signs.

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