Why Indoor Air Quality Is Becoming So Much More Important To SoCal Homeowners

Earlier this year, the Lung Association released the findings of a three-year study they had completed on air quality in Southern California. Unfortunately, our area did not get good results from the study.

It turns out that we here in the Coachella Valley spend up to five months each year breathing unhealthy, ozone and particulate-polluted air outside. While that number is actually lower than it was during the drought—because rain removes dangerous particles from the air—we still experience some of the worst air pollution levels in the country.

What’s Making Our Air So Bad?

One major factor in our diminished air quality is our climate. While the state of
California has passed significant legislation to combat pollution and improve air quality, the fact that we live in a desert climate actually contributes to pollution. This is because desert heat helps create smog and ozone, and the staggering heat waves we’ve experienced over the last few years have only exacerbated the issue.

This is a serious problem for SoCal residents, as the effects of breathing bad air are well-documented. Exposure to poor air quality can cause breathing problems like asthma, allergies and chronic bronchitis, but with extended exposure, you could also develop COPD or lung cancer. Breathing particle pollution has even been shown to double your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Family?

As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Protect your home from the damaging effects of Southern California’s air pollution by employing a solid indoor air quality system in your home.

Hyde’s offers several options to keep your home’s air clean and safe, including air filters and cleaners, UV lights and air exchangers.

  • Air Cleaners: An air cleaner filters the air your HVAC unit produces, removing particle pollution from the air before it enters your home. If you ever feel like the air in your home is thick or hazy, and air cleaner will be a good solution for your needs.
  • UV Lights: If you’re worried about germs, viruses, mold or microbial growth in your home, have an HVAC UV light system installed in your ductwork. The lights use ultraviolet radiation to destroy the DNA in sickness-spreading germs, making your air cleaner and healthier to breathe.
  • Air Exchangers: Typically installed in your attic, an air exchanger is an advanced ventilation solution that literally removes impure air from your home and replaces it with clean, healthy air. If you’re living in a particularly polluted area, an air exchanger could be just the solution for your indoor air quality needs.

If you’re worried about your indoor air quality, you can choose to use one or all of these solutions to give your home and your family the healthiest environment possible. Hyde’s will be happy to come to your home and perform an air quality test to let you know where you stand and what solutions will be best for your family’s needs.

Call us at (760) 360-2202 to protect your family from Southern California’s poor air quality today!