Lower Your Bills & Prepare Your Electrical & HVAC System For The Upcoming Winter Season

While it’s rare to experience frigid temperatures in the Coachella Valley, winter is certainly a long-awaited hiatus from the scorching heat of summer. Now you can spend less time focusing on staying cool, and more time getting ready for the upcoming fall and winter season! Because spending quality time with friends and family is preferable to trying to figure out why your AC system or electrical services mysteriously shut down, we’ve got four helpful maintenance tips to keep your comfort systems working throughout the cooler months.  

Trim Back Bushes & Branches

Hydes Condensate Leak Air Conditioner Many people have foliage and other greenery scattered throughout their yard, but most people don’t think about the impact their shrubs could have on their HVAC system. If overgrown branches fall into your system, they could create a blockage. This means your heating and cooling system will have to work much harder to deliver the desired level of comfort. It will use more energy and cost you more money than it should.

Be sure to always trim bushes and trees at least 3 feet from your HVAC system to protect against inefficiencies. 

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector 

CO is an odorless, colorless gas that is extremely dangerous if inhaled. In fact, even small quantities of Carbon monoxide can lead to serious health implications. That’s why it is imperative to test your detectors at least once a month to ensure your household stays free of this dangerous gas.

A few tips to prevent Carbon Monoxide exposure include: 

  • Avoid running your car while it is in the garage. 
  • Install a Carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your home.
  • Maintain proper home ventilation. 
  • Always make sure gas-powered stoves are off when not cooking.

Enhance Efficiency With LED Lighting  

Hydes Led Lighting Living Room From enhanced efficiency to a longer lifespan to increased cost-effectiveness, LED lighting presents a number of benefits. Additionally, unlike traditional lighting, LEDs do not use filaments which makes them much more durable and able to function in a variety of weather conditions including rain and snow.

Because they do not utilize as much energy, LED lights have a longer lifespan and, therefore, hardly need any maintenance. 

Schedule Professional Service

Seasonal maintenance from an HVAC company and Electrician is necessary to prolong your system’s lifespan and maintain efficiency for years to come. During a seasonal tune-up, your technician will inspect for any minor damages that may worsen and become expensive problems down the road. Additionally, with the Hyde’s Family Comfort Plan, you will receive numerous benefits, such as priority response, discounted repairs, warranty on all repair work, and more!  

Check Your Smoke Alarms

smoke detector on ceiling with smoke underneath Your smoke alarms don’t have much impact on your energy usage, but if a fire breaks out in your home they can mean the difference between a safe escape and devastating injury. Make sure to test your smoke alarms every season to ensure they are in working order, and if an issue arises be sure to schedule a repair or replacement accordingly. Hopefully they’ll never need to go off, but if an electrical fire breaks out, you’ll have peace of mind that you and your family will be warned right away. 

If you have any questions regarding fall maintenance, feel free to give Hyde’s a call at (760) 360-2202. We’ve served the Coachella Valley since 1972 and we are happy to help you in any way we can!