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Electrical Safety Tips For Summer

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4 Easy Things You Can Do To Stay Safe This Summer 

Summer is the perfect time to plan a much-deserved vacation! Whether you’re traveling abroad, elsewhere in the country or even within our very own Golden State, traveling can be an immensely rewarding experience. However, a visit to the doctor’s office is probably not part of the itinerary! Make sure you avoid this type of spontaneous trip, and follow these simple summer electrical safety guidelines from Hydes. 

Steer Clear Of Power Lines

While you may know the dangers of going near power lines, you’ll want to make sure any children in the household have the same level of awareness. Kids can be very curious, especially during the summer when they’re spending more time playing outside. Because it’s impossible to keep an eye on children 24/7, they should know to stay away from power lines, whether they’re up or down. Also be sure to tell them not to climb any utility poles, no matter how tempting it may be, and never toss or attempt to retrieve anything from a power line. While kites may be a classic summer toy, keep the string away from any and all power lines, as they are most likely active. 

Practice Pool Safety

We all know the perfect poolside barbecue calls for some tunes! However, be sure to position your outdoor stereo far away from the pool or any other appliances that involve water, such as sprinklers. Additionally, while standing in the pool, be sure not to handle any electronic toys or games. Electrical currents travel through water at lightning speed, meaning one mistake can result in some seriously dangerous consequences!

Ground the Connectors

The last thing anyone wants during the neighborhood block party is a medical emergency. However, accidents can happen if your home’s outlets are not properly grounded. Ground wiring redirects electrical currents that stray from your appliances safely back to the breaker box, and out of the home through the main ground connection. Without a grounded outlet, this entropic electricity will find another route, which could result in a fried television, computer or microwave. Worse, the alternative path could be through a person! Surge protectors are useful, but only when they are connected to a grounded outlet. 

Do Some Maintenance

Before any large gathering, it is important that you check for any loose wiring or faulty circuits. Additionally, you may want to consider performing both an indoor and outdoor maintenance check up during the summertime while it’s still warm outside. Be sure to unplug any frayed or mangled chords, as leaving them running can cause a dangerous electrical fire! If you haven’t done maintenance in a while, consider calling a licensed professional, who will be able to catch minor issues before they turn into major problems.

If you have any questions about summer electrical safety, or need electrical services performed in your home, give Hydes a call at (760)-360-2202! Our team of licensed professional is happy to help in any way we can!

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