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The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

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Save Money & Energy With A New Ceiling Fan From Hydes! 

July of this year was the hottest month recorded in history, and with California still boasting the highest instantaneous temperature of all time at 134 degrees recorded in 1913, you can bet everyone is cranking up the AC this season. However, if your unit is running at full capacity 24/7 it could overwork itself and not only be at risk of a breakdown, but the extra energy use will also add a significant amount to your power bill. Check out these three reasons why ceiling fans not only create a great aesthetic, but can also save you money down the road! 

Cost Effective

While air conditioners physically make the air in your home cooler, ceiling fans quickly circulate air, creating a breeze that makes the room feel cooler without actually being cooler. Consequently, you can turn your air conditioner up a few degrees and still experience the same comfort. Not only will this allow your AC to work less in the summer heat, but you could see up to a 40% decrease in your energy bill!  

Keep it Moving 

Ceiling fans not only provide you and your family with a cool breeze, but they also assist in circulating air throughout your home! Without a fan, cold air that exits your air conditioner’s vents can become stuck in a particular area of your house, causing different rooms to have uneven temperatures. If you notice this fluctuation, you may be tempted to turn up the AC, which won’t fix the problem and could decrease efficiency due to the unnecessary exertion.

Manage Humidity

Summers in California can feel pretty muggy and the last thing you want to return to on a scorching hot day is an unbearably humid home! Also, apart from being downright uncomfortable, elevated humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth which can cause serious health issues. The breeze generated by your ceiling fan will eliminate excess moisture in the air, keeping you cool and improving your overall indoor air quality. If one room is particularly uncomfortable, fans are easily installed most anywhere, so you can pick and choose which areas of your house would benefit most from some extra circulation. 

If you’re considering a new ceiling fan, give Hydes a call at (760) 360-2202. Our licensed technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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