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10 Ways You Can Prevent an AC Breakdown This Summer

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Air conditioners are hugely important here in the Coachella Valley, and it can be a nightmare when yours breaks down. Because an air conditioner has many different interconnected parts, breakdowns can occur for many different reasons. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimize the chances of encountering problems with your system this cooling season. Today we’re going to help you do that by talking about 10 ways you can prevent an air conditioner breakdown this summer!

How To Prevent an AC Breakdown in the Coachella Valley

  1. Don’t skip out on your annual tune-up. This is perhaps the number one way you can prevent your air conditioner from breaking down this summer. During a tune-up, we perform essential maintenance tasks and inspect your system for any problems, both of which will greatly reduce the chance that your system will encounter problems in the months to come. Schedule your tune-up as soon as possible to ensure your system is ready for this summer’s heat!
  2. Check and/or change your filter every month. A dirty air filter is one of the top causes of air conditioner problems in Coachella Valley homes, and it’s an issue that’s entirely preventable. A dirty filter blocks your systems airflow, which causes your system overwork and can lead to all sorts of problems. You can easily prevent filter problems by checking and/or changing your filter every single month. It only takes a minute of your time!
  3. Keep the area around your outside unit clear. Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit needs room to breathe, which is why you should make sure to cut the grass around the unit and trim any bushes or other shrubbery that might get in the way. Make sure that the area within a few feet of your outside unit is completely clear.
  4. Clean up the area around your inside unit. While you’re giving your outdoor unit some love, don’t forget about your indoor unit as well! Clean up the area around your air handler to help prevent dirt buildup, and try not to store anything near the unit so that it is easily accessible to you and your technician.
  5. Don’t close or block any air vents. Some people think that closing off air vents is a good way to save energy, but that’s a misconception that can lead to many different performance issues. Your air conditioner is built to handle a specific pressure load for your home, so all of your supply and return vents should be completely open and free of obstructions in order to maintain that load.
  6. Check for signs of water leaks. While you’re checking on your air filter every month, take a quick look around your indoor unit for any signs of water. If you notice any leaks on or around your system, contact Hydes so we can inspect your drain pan and condensate line before that water causes any severe damage.
  7. Don’t make your A/C work harder than it needs to. The less work your air conditioner has to do, the less likely it will be that your system will break down. You can help ease the load on your air conditioner by using energy-saving thermostat settings, especially during the hottest days of the year. In addition, don’t crank down your thermostat on extra hot days thinking that it will cool your home faster. Your home will cool at the same rate no matter how low your thermostat is set! Also, make use of your ceiling fans to help your family stay cooler with higher thermostat settings.
  8. Minimize heat gain in your home. Another way to ease the load on your air conditioner is to minimize the amount of heat that gets into your home. Covering up your window shades during the day will help block out heat from the sun. Also, try to use heat-producing appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer at night when it’s cooler outside.
  9. Call right away when you suspect problems. Air conditioner problems get worse with time, and the longer you wait to call for a repair the more likely it is that your system will break down. Contact Hydes as soon as you suspect a problem with your system.
  10. Replace your old system. If your air conditioner is reaching the end of its life, there’s a good chance that it will break down this summer. Be proactive and replace your system now instead of waiting for your old system to break down when you’ll have to sit in the heat until a new system is installed.

If you have any questions about how to prevent an air conditioner breakdown, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Hydes, your Indio, CA, air conditioning contractor.

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