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What is Air Conditioner Short Cycling

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What Causes AC Short Cycling in Coachella Valley Homes?

When your home gets too warm, you can rely on your air conditioner to kick on until it cools down to your set thermostat temperature. But sometimes air conditioners turn off too quickly before their job is complete. This is a problem known as air conditioner short cycling, and it is one of the most common issues that homeowners encounter with their cooling systems. Today we’re going to talk about what air conditioner short cycling is and some of the most common problems that cause it to happen!

What is my air conditioner short cycling?

Air conditioner short cycling is a problem in which your air conditioner goes through its on-and-off cycles too frequently. When this happens, it makes it nearly impossible for your home to stay comfortable and it can be a big drain on your energy bills. In addition, frequent on-and-off cycling can put your air conditioner through a lot of stress that can lead to breakdowns.

What causes air conditioner short cycling?

Some of the most common causes of air conditioner short cycling include:

Prevent air conditioner short cycling with proper maintenance

There are two important ways that you can prevent air conditioner short cycling. The first thing you can do is keep a clean air filter installed in your system. This will prevent airflow issues that will otherwise cause short cycling and a whole host of other problems. The second thing you can do is schedule an A/C tune-up every year. During your tune-up we’ll inspect your system for all of the above problems and more, which will significantly lower the chance of encountering short cycling issues during the cooling season.

If you have any questions about air conditioner short cycling, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Hydes, your Indio, CA, air conditioning contractor.

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