Maintenance Can Make All the Difference This Summer

Here in California, it’s not uncommon to see temperatures soar over 100 degrees. This means your AC unit gets a months-long workout over the summer! As the summer winds down, it’s important to maintain your AC unit and ensure its continued function during fall. Check out these five tips to help you steer clear of unexpected AC failure in these last few weeks of the sunny season. 

Keep Debris out of Your AC

Leaves, branches and other foliage can cause serious damage to your equipment. Because some shrubs flourish at the end of summer, it is important that you remain diligent in clearing away any intrusive plant life. Make sure to keep the flora at least two feet away from your unit at all times, as this will ensure nothing grows into the unit or falls inside. Additionally, be careful when mowing your yard, as grass clogs are among the most common causes of AC obstruction. 

Time to Upgrade

Was your energy bill higher than you would have liked it to be this season? You may want to consider making energy-efficient upgrades. For example, smart thermostats are customizable, so your system can take a break while everyone is out of the house. Zoning systems are also a great way to save energy, as they allow you to target specific  rooms that need to be cooled down a bit more. The best time to upgrade is at the end of the summer season because while the cold hasn’t quite rolled in yet, temperatures are not hot enough for you to need your AC 24/7 either. 

Regular Maintenance is Key

Licensed professionals are the most qualified to provide maintenance checkups. Not only can they identify which parts of your system sustained the most wear and tear over the summer months, but they also know the fastest and most cost-effective ways to fix any seemingly inconsequential issues they come across before the problem becomes much worse! Minor issues, such as small cracks and refrigerant leaks can quickly cause serious damage if left unattended. 

Change Your Air Filter

Because your AC unit is constantly running during the summer, the air filter can quickly become filthy. Though you should change the filter every month or two regardless, it is crucial to switch it out at the end of summer to avoid decreasing your unit’s efficiency and your home’s indoor air quality. If you do not change your filter, it will not be able to capture any more debris, and small airborne particles that would normally become trapped are circulated throughout your home, causing allergies and exacerbating respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Ease your system’s workload and utilize every energy-saving technique you can think of! Though ceiling fans do not physically cool the air, they do generate a soothing breeze that creates a cooling sensation. When you run your fans, you can turn your thermostat up 3-4 degrees without feeling a difference. This not only takes the load off of your AC, but it conserves energy and saves you money. However, make sure your fan’s blades are spinning in the correct direction! For a cooling effect, set the fan to turn counter clockwise so it pushes cold air down. 

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