5 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips for Coachella Valley Homeowners

Air conditioners can develop problems over time, but not every issue requires a professional inspection or repair. If your system has recently developed issues that aren’t too severe there may be some steps you can take to resolve the problems on your own.

Today we’re going to help you do that by talking about five at-home air conditioner maintenance tips you can try before giving Hyde’s a call!

Air Conditioning System Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Make sure your system is receiving power. If your air conditioner suddenly shuts off completely, it’s possible that there was a power surge that cut off the power supply to your system. You can check this by going to your circuit breaker and looking at the switch for your air conditioner. If that switch has been tripped, try flipping it back to the “on” position and seeing if your system starts back up.
  2. Check your thermostat settings. If your home isn’t as cool as you’d like or your AC system isn’t turning on when you think it should, double-check your thermostat settings. Your air conditioner will only “kick on” when the temperature in your home is higher than the temperature your thermostat is set to. Try lowering your thermostat to a setting below your current room temperature and see if your system turns on. In addition, make sure that your thermostat is set to “cool” mode rather than “heat” mode.
  3. Inspect your AC condenser unit. If your air conditioner’s cooling cycles seem too short or there is warm air coming out of your vents, there may be an issue with your outdoor condenser unit. Check to see if any debris has gotten stuck to your condenser unit and remove anything that you find. In addition, make sure that nearby plants and bushes are trimmed so the unit has at least a few feet of space around it. This will allow the unit to breathe properly. Finally, if it looks like the fin surrounding your condenser unit are bent, you might consider contacting Hyde’s to straighten them out.
  4. Check your air filter. You’d be surprised at the amount of air conditioner problems that can be traced back to a dirty air filter. A clogged filter can lead to high energy bills,  poor air flow, overheating, dirty system components and more. Check to see if your filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.
  5. Make sure all of your vents are open and clear. In order to ensure proper airflow and keep your air conditioner running efficiently, it’s important that all of your home’s supply and return vents are completely open and free of obstructions. Something as simple as moving a couch away from a floor vent can significantly improve your home’s comfort levels.

Call Hyde’s These Troubleshooting Tips Don’t Fix Your AC Issues

If you’ve tried the five air conditioning maintenance tips above and your system is still having problems, be sure to give Hyde’s a call at (760) 360-2202. We will send a technician to your home to pinpoint what’s wrong with your air conditioner and make any required repairs to get it up and running properly again.

Hyde’s technician check air conditioning system

If you have any questions about these air conditioner troubleshooting tips, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Hyde’s, your Indio CA air conditioning contractor.