If you’ve ever searched for a new thermostat for your home, you’re sure to know that there are many different models on the market. With so many options to choose from, how are you supposed to figure out which thermostat is best for your home? Simply answer the three questions below and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right one!

#1: Should I get a programmable or traditional model?

Programmable thermostats allow you have pre-programmed temperature settings for different times of the day. Instead of having to manually change your settings, programmable thermostats do all of the work for you. This makes it a breeze to save energy by altering your home’s temperature when you’re sleeping or away from the house.

Although programmable thermostats are slightly more expensive than non-programmable models, it’s typically worth the extra money to go for a programmable model when you consider the energy-savings and peace-of-mind that come with them.

#2: Will the thermostat be compatible with my HVAC system?

It’s important to know that different types of HVAC systems require specific types of thermostats. For example, a thermostat made for a traditional gas furnace often won’t work with a heat pump. In a similar vein, a thermostat made for a two-stage air conditioner won’t be compatible with a single-stage air conditioner. When you’re choosing a thermostat, make sure that the model you pick is compatible with the type of HVAC system you have installed in your home.

#3: How much customization do I want?

If you choose a programmable thermostat as we recommended above, there will be a few different categories of customization that you can choose from. Programmable thermostats can be divided into the following categories:

  • Every day: One set of temperature settings for every day of the week
  • 5-2: One set of temperature settings during the week; another set during the weekend
  • 5-1-1: One set of temperature settings during the week; another set for Saturday; another set for Sunday
  • 7-day: Different temperature settings for every day of the week

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