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Do You Know If You Have A Mercury Thermostat?
The Dangers Of Mercury Thermostats & How To Safely Recycle Them Does your Coachella Valley home still have a mercury thermostat? If so, there are…
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What are a Programmable Thermostat’s Hold and Run Modes?
When Should You Use Them? provide a simple way for Coachella Valley homeowners to save energy without even having to think about it. But since…
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What Thermostat Settings Should You Use When Your House is Empty?
Most people know that the lower you set your thermostat during summer, the more energy your air conditioner will use. That's why one of the…
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Switching From a Manual Thermostat to a Programmable Thermostat
Manual thermostats are extremely basic. Typically, the only thing you can do with them is change the temperature in your home, alter your fan's settings…
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6 Reasons to Replace an Old Thermostat in Your House
The type of thermostat that you have installed can make a surprisingly big difference on your home's comfort and efficiency levels. Whereas a basic thermostat…
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Programmable Thermostat Benefits
Why They Outperform Manual Models In homes with manual thermostats, you have to walk over to your thermostat and adjust the temperature setting every time…
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My Thermostat is Reading the Wrong Temperature!
Why is This Happening and What Should I Do? People tend to be pretty good at guessing the temperature of their own home. So when…
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The Best Thermostat Setting
Should I Use My Thermostat’s “On” or “Auto” Setting? Thermostats come with a number of different customization options that go beyond just controlling the temperature…
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Recommended Thermostat Settings for Winter in the Coachella Valley
Your thermostat’s temperature settings have a big impact on your home’s comfort and efficiency levels. We know it can be tempting to crank up the…
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Use These Summer Thermostat Settings for Energy Savings and Home Comfort
One question that’s often on homeowners’ minds when the cooling season begins is, “What thermostat settings should I use for my home this summer?” This…
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