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Tackle Those Tricky Desert Allergies
Desert Climate Allergies Are Nothing To Sneeze At It is often thought that relocating to a desert climate will alleviate the sniffling and itching that…
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How do air purifiers work? 
An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which can be used with your HVAC system that helps remove contaminants from the air in…
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How Can You Improve IAQ With Pets?
Inhale Pure Air and Enjoy Your Pets at the Same Time Interestingly enough, no one is actually allergic to fur. Trimming your pet’s hair won’t…
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How is Indoor Air Quality Affected in Air Tight Homes?
In an effort to improve home efficiency levels and conserve energy nationwide, homes are constructed much more tightly-sealed than they were just 32 or 45…
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Why is My Air Filter So Dirty?
Every air filter gets dirty over time. If it didn't, that would mean it wasn't removing any particles from your home's air! But sometimes filters…
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Poor Airflow Can Damage Your HVAC System
Avoid Stale Air In Your Home With Proper Ventilation As it starts to cool down outside, you and your family will most likely be spending…
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HVAC Zoning
How Creating Comfort Zones in Your Home Can Cut Your Costs Most homes have one, maybe two, HVAC system to service the entire house. Zoning…
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Best Air Conditioner Filter for Your Allergies
  How To Select the Right Air Filter - Allergy Edition If you’re tired of sneezing, dealing with itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms in…
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The Benefits of a UV Air Treatment System
The Difference a UV Air Treatment System Can Make Both convenient and effective? Yes. Never underestimate the natural powers of the sun. Ultra-violet rays have…
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Humidity 101
Here’s a Quick Lesson - Humidity 101 We talk about humidity - or a lack of humidity - when we talk about weather in Southern…
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